Trish Vasquez is a strategy, operations, marketing, and publicity executive with extensive experience marketing film and  creative content, as well as issue-driven projects. Trish has over 25 years of experience with B2B and B2C marketing including: international, awards, and distribution as well as trade shows, publicity, digital, events, targeted, and creative. In 2011, she co-founded a not-for-profit elementary school in Redondo Beach. Trish and her collaborators built the school from concept to launch and she handled day-to-day management and marketing for several years. Trish has extensive experience in team management and is skilled in pivoting in response to climate and environment. A UCLA graduate and fluent in Spanish, Trish has worked on over 60 studio Golden Globe Campaigns, marketing and production on hundreds of independent films, building and managing teams for release, film festivals, & events around the world, including promotional marketing, designing & creating websites, and social media campaigns. 

Recent Work

2024: EFM/Berlin

2023: TIFF Industry Select THE BOY IN THE WOODS, Limited Release of IT ONLY TAKES A NIGHT, SXSW with REVIVAL69: THE CONCERT THAT ROCKED THE WORLD, EFM 2023, International Release of SIMULANT, Cannes Marche 2023

2022: Venice Film Festival 2022 and International Release of DEAD FOR A DOLLAR, AFM 2022, TIFF 2022 Industry Screenings, Cannes 2022


Career Trajectory

My story started with New Line Cinema, when it was a small and mighty indie. Less layers meant more exposure for me, a recent UCLA grad with a hope for international business experience. Not too much later, I was an executive in International Publicity traveling the world to promote our films. I wanted more and segued into Marketing & Publicity at a sales/production company and the learning continued. When my sons were born, I transitioned to consultanting, specializing in HFPA and International Academy voters. Today, I am back in the sales/production world, handling international and US distribution of films.

You can rest when you’re dead.

– My favorite billboard, West LA, circa 2000